søndag 14. juni 2009

Family reconstitution

Family reconstitution (Norgesprosjektet) will soon be published, according to this article. It is the LDS-church that is making a Family reconstitution webpage, for easier to find your relatives. This will be like a melting pot with several sources searchable from one web-site. The connection between families and finding the families together will be easier with this kind of recording, because bygdebøker will also be a part of it.

More information about this project could be found at Family Tree Magazine and Familysearch. The Power Point presentation is also avaliable in Norwegian from Norsk lokalhistorisk institutt. Norunn Klettum hadde forøvrig en artikkel om dette i Slekt og Data 2/2007 (DIS-Norge).

According to the article in Family Tree Magazine, this project will be avaliable from June 2009.

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