torsdag 2. august 2012

NorAnc - app for iOS

NorAnc is an app that is designed for genealogists who work in this field. It provides note-taking, image and map functions.

The app has a notes feature that makes it easy to store information relating to genealogy. The notes are created with the location feature either on or off. If the location feature is on at the start of note-taking, your coordinates will be saved when stored and subsequently displayed on the app's map page. You can also capture an image that can be added to the note.

About the project
This app is part of the project "Norwegian Ancestry", a book about Norwegian genealogy in English. By purchasing this app, you will be contributing towards the translation of this book.

You will find the project’s website at If you would like to support us further you can donate on our home page.

Purchasing the app
You can buy the app in the iTunes AppStore. For iPhone / iPod touch / iPad go to

This app is also available in Norwegian (NorSlekt) - see

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