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Folketellingen for Canada 1921

Det er bestandig vanskeligere å finne slekt i Canada enn i USA, da kildetilfanget er mindre. Men jeg leste nå nyhetene på Ancestry.coms, og nå legges folketellingen 1921 for Canada ut. Canada har en sperrefrist på 92 år på dette materialet.  De holder på med å registrere denne enda, og følgende opplysning finnes på Ancestry sin hjemmeside:
"For the 1921 census, each province was divided into census districts. These districts were divided into sub-districts. Districts were roughly equivalent to electoral districts, cities, and counties. Sub-districts were typically towns, townships, and city wards.
We’re working on an index for the 1921 census that will let you search by name and other details. In the meantime, you can browse the census by province, district, and sub-district to zero in on your ancestor."

Denne folketellinga ble tatt opp 1. juni 1921. 
Her er en oversikt over de spørsmålene som ble stilt i forbindelse med opptaket av folketellingen 1921:
  • number of dwelling in order of visitation
  • number of family, household, or institution in order of visitation
  • name of each person whose place of abode was in the household
  • place of habitation
  • tenure and class of home (owned or rented, rent paid, class of house, house occupied by family)
  • sex
  • relationship of person enumerated to the head of household
  • marital status (single, married, widowed, divorced, or legally separated)
  • age at last birthday
  • country or place of birth (if Canada, specify province or territory)
  • country or place of birth for person’s father and mother
  • year of immigration to Canada, if an immigrant
  • year of naturalization, if formerly an alien
  • racial or tribal origin
  • nationality (country to which person owes allegiance)
  • can speak English
  • can speak French
  • religion
  • can read and write
  • months at school since September 1, 1920
  • chief occupation or trade
  • employment other than chief occupation or trade, if any
  • employer, employee, worker, or working on own account
  • principal product, where employed (e.g., ‘in drug store’, ‘on farm’, etc.), or nature of work
  • total earnings in past 12 months
  • currently out of work
  • number of weeks unemployed in past 12 months
  • number of weeks unemployed in past 12 months because of illness
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Se også http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/census/Pages/census.aspx


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